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Bulk Carrier Reporting – Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage

New INTERCARGO project

A new NTERCARGO project is to be introduced from 1 Aug 2018 through a reporting scheme “INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Reporting Form (II) – Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage” as attached, responding to the increasing concerns of some members on issues related to safe loading/unloading at anchorage. The new reporting project will follow the successful model of the existing reporting scheme of “Ship-Terminal Interface Experiences and Problems”. A similar database will be built with entries of “Experiences and Problems” from loading/unloading of bulk carriers at anchorage.

This New INTERCARGO project aims at:

  • Collecting feedback directly from masters of bulk carriers of INTERCARGO members;
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learnt which would help raise awareness of all members and implement new company safety procedures on board those bulk carries involved in loading/unloading at anchorage;
  • Identifying common issues, concerns and problems, which, if relevant, may be brought up by INTERCARGO Secretariat with national Administration and/or local port safety Authorities to implement remedy safety measures.
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