Port State Control Performance and Analysis

In 1996, IMO adopted another completely revised version of Chapter III of SOLAS. The new chapter, and a new International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code with specific technical requirements, entered into force on 1 July 1998 and applies to all ships built on or after that date.

With the following publications of the annual reports of PSC regimes and an analysis of ClassNK published recently, an update covering lifeboat related issues and PSC inspections can be downloaded from here (members please login to access).

1) USCG Annual Report 2016-2017
2) AMSA Annual Report 2016
3) Paris MoU Annual Report 2016
4) Tokyo MoU Annual Report 2016
5) Indian Ocean MoU Annual Report 2016
6) ClassNK analysis, Jun 2017

The update includes items of:

1. Life-saving appliances and PSC inspection deficiencies
1.1 PSC annual reports and deficiencies of life-saving appliances
1.2 Details of PSC annual reports on deficiencies of life-saving appliances
1.3 Work in progress at IMO
2. Feedback from seafarers related to lifeboat/liferaft and drills
2.1 Technical issues
2.2 Liferaft
2.3 Lifeboat drill
3. Progress at IMO
3.1 Outcome of MSC 98
3.2 Work in progress at IMO

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