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Summary of developments in EU and the EU Fit for 55 policy package- February 2023

Dear Full Members of INTERCARGO,


You may find here below a summary of latest EU developments and the EU Fit 55 Policy Package.

A brief containing more details is also enclosed.



The European Commission trilogue negotiations have concluded and an agreement on the revision of the EU ETS directive is reached.

Summary of Developments

The texts following the provisional agreement resulting from the interinstitutional negotiations of the EU ETS and the EU MRV, were adopted on the 9th of February by the Environment Committee of the Parliament.

Next Steps

The vote in plenary is scheduled in April. The text will then be published in the Official Journal and enter into force 20 days afterwards.

By end of October 2023, the Commission will have to prepare the delegated and implementing acts related to the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS.

The list of delegated and implementing acts that the Commission will have to prepare in view of the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS are enclosed including the Delegated acts under the EU MRV.


FUEL EU Maritime


FuelEU Maritime is the EU’s strategy to phase out fossil fuels from shipping and boost the uptake of alternative fuels in the sector.

Summary of Developments

Main outstanding issue in the Trilogue negotiations between the Council and the Parliament are inclusion of fuel suppliers under the scope of the regulation, to ensure that shipowners are not unduly penalised if the sustainable fuels necessary for compliance are not delivered. Conditional to the mandatory inclusion of fuel suppliers and the availability of fuels, is also the introduction of a sub quota on RFNBOs, as proposed by the Parliament.

Next Steps

Trilogue negotiations are heading to a close.




REPowerEU, the EU’s proposal seeking to reduce energy consumption and diversify the Union’s energy supply as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The regulation also aims increasing production and uptake of sustainable biomethane, and renewable or fossil-free hydrogen, increasing the share and accelerating the deployment of renewable energy and supporting zero emission transport and its infrastructure.

Summary of Developments

The REPowerEU regulation has been published in the Official Journal and entered into force at the beginning of March.


10th Package Of Sanctions Against Russia

On Saturday 25 February, the 10th package of sanctions against Russia was published in the Official Journal of the EU.


Environmental Crime Directive


The Directive aims to crack down on environmental crime, fulfilling a key commitment of the European Green Deal.

Summary of Developments

The EU Council, general approach was adopted on 9 December and maintains the Commission proposal regarding the shipping sector interest and ship recycling continues to be considered a criminal offense when the activity is completed in a yard not included in the EU list.

Members may find more details in our circular ref: 0220-F-23015 – Future EU legislation on ship recycling.

Next Steps

The plenary vote is currently scheduled on the 17 April. The trilogue negotiations will start shortly afterwards.


Flag State Directive Revision


European Commission, in its 2021 work programme announced on 19 October 2020, intends to review the Directive 2009/21/EC on Compliance with Flag State requirements. The package will include proposals for revisions of the Directives on Flag State, Port State Control, Maritime Accident Investigation, Ship Source Pollution, as well as of the EMSA Regulation. The revision will primarily align with already agreed rules in the context of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in general.

Summary of Developments

The “Maritime Safety Package” is now expected to be published in late May 2023,


Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age


The Commission seeks to set the direction towards achieving net-zero industrial transformation and will propose a Net-Zero Industry Act, laying down clear clean tech objectives for 2030 with the aim to focus and streamline investments on strategic projects along the entire supply chain.

Summary of Developments

During the EU Summit of 9 February, Member States’ leaders signed off the Conclusions on the Green Deal Industrial Plan put forward by the Commission on 1 February.


Ship Recycling

The Commission is planning to adopt the 11th update of the EU SRR list during the 2nd quarter 2023.


Survey on the Capacity for Greening of European Sea Ports

As part of an ongoing Commission’s study on the Capacity for Greening of European Sea Ports, a survey has been launched to identify the factors affecting the capacity for greening of European seaports, including legislative bottlenecks at EU or national level. The survey can be completed by 31 March at this link