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The next INTERCARGO semi-annaul meetings- Executive Committee and Technical Committee – will be taking place in Hong Kong on 4-5 March 2019.

The Management Committee (ManCom)

The Management Committee (ManCom)

The purpose of the Management Committee is to organise the on-going and activities of INTERCARGO, to ensure INTERCARGO acts in accordance with the requirements of its Constitution and Objectives and serve the interests of its Members.

The Management Committee comprises of the Chairman, the Vice Chairmen, the Chairman of the Technical Committee and the Secretary General.

Management Committee Members

Chairman – Mr John Platsidakis – ex-officio, Anangel Maritime Services Inc

Vice-Chairman – Capt Jay Pillai – ex-officio, Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd

Vice-Chairman – Mr Nicky Pappadakis (Chairman Emeritus)– ex-officio, A.G. Pappadakis & Co.

Technical Committee Chairman – Mr Dimitrios Fafalios, Fafalios Shipping SA

Secretary General – Dr Kostas Gkonis

The Executive Committee (ExCom)

The Executive Committee (ExCom)

The Executive Committee considers the activities of INTERCARGO, discusses industry issues and approves the future actions and objectives.

Two Executive Committee meetings take place in each calendar Year unless decided otherwise by either the Management Committee or the  Executive Committee.

Membership of the Executive Committee is open to Full Members with term expiring at the end of the calendar year of their appointment. Their re-election as Members of the Executive Committee is approved by the AGM. One representative of any Full Member is eligible for membership of the Executive Committee at any time.

Any Full Member willing to participate in the Executive Committee must notify the Secretary General.

Executive Committee Members are permitted to nominate a substitute to attend a specific Executive Committee meeting on their behalf.

Resolutions proposed at an Executive Committee meeting will be passed, wherever possible, by consensus.  In the event that this is not possible, voting will take place by a show of hands by majority of Members present.

The Technical Committee (TechCom)

The Technical Committee (TechCom)

The Technical Committee is formed to assist the Management Committee and the Executive Committee and considers technical matters relevant to INTERCARGO.

Technical Committee Members

One representative of any Full Member is eligible for membership of the Technical Committee at any time.  The right to have two Technical Committee Members (with voting rights limited to one person at any one time) from one Full Member shall be permitted only to allow logistical convenience in attending INTERCARGO meetings with the decision resting with the Chairman of the Technical Committee

Technical Committee Meetings

Two Technical Committee meetings shall take place in each Membership Year unless decided otherwise by either the Management Committee or the Chairman of the Technical Committee.

Membership and participation in the Technical Committee

Membership of the Technical Committee shall be open to Full Members which have to advise in writing the Secretary General of the person (The Technical Committee Person) who will represent it.

Any Full Member willing to participate in the Technical Committee must notify in writing the Secretary General

The Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen shall serve ex-officio on the Technical Committee.

Technical Committee Members shall be permitted to nominate in writing a person to attend a specific Technical Committee Meeting on their behalf.  No written proxy notification is needed if it is apparent that the person attending the Technical Committee meeting has the reasonable authority of that Member to represent views on his / her behalf.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An AGM shall be held once a year in the second half of the Membership Year.

Associate members are also entitled to attend the Annual General Meetings, but they do not have any voting rights.

The purpose of the AGM is, among others, to approve or decline :

  • The setting of Annual Membership Fees
  • The financial status of INTERCARGO
  • The election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen – as applicable
  • The activities and membership in the preceding year.
  • Any other formal announcements.
  • Any other business.
  • The setting of objectives for the future.

The date and place of meetings shall be organised by the Management Committee and agreed at the prior Executive Committee meeting. INTERCARGO currently holds one set of meetings in Asia in March and one in Europe in October.