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Training, Manpower & Human Element  


Issue Summary

INTERCARGO is concerned about the numbers of seafarers that may be available to meet the future needs of an expanding bulk carrier fleet and where these professionals might be sourced from. In addition the adequacy of the existing training regime for the modern safety conscious bulk carrier sector is being considered.


INTERCARGO believes that it will be necessary to give far more attention to the quantum and quality of seafarers’ training if the future Bulk Carrier fleet is to be efficiently manned and accidents reduced.

INTERCARGO has commenced the formation of a Training and Manpower Correspondence Group to consider policy with regard to:

  • issues connected with the supply and demand of seafarers for the expanding Bulk Carrier fleet,
  • competency issues vis-à-vis the established STCW Training Regime and
  • issues connected with the human element and how this interacts with Casualties and other Negative Performance Indicators noted in INTERCARGO’s Benchmarking Report.