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Cargoes, “Liquefaction”


The safe carriage of cargoes is the cornerstone of the bulk carrier industry and yet not all stakeholders are fulfilling their obligations to ensure that Masters and crews are provided with the necessary information to enable cargoes to be shipped safely.

The International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code, which stipulates the carriage requirements for cargoes, clearly lays out the responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the distribution chain, including the specific information about the cargo that should be provided to the Master. It is INTERCARGO’s firm belief that some shippers/receivers continue to, either deliberately or due to lack of competence, mis-declare cargoes with tragic consequences.

INTERCARGO is particularly concerned with Group A cargoes, these being cargoes that may undergo a moisture-related cargo failure mechanism such as liquefaction and dynamic separation.  Our recent Bulk Carrier Casualty Report highlights the impact that liquefaction has on bulk carrier losses and seafarer deaths.

INTERCARGO takes an active role at the IMO and other fora to highlight the dangers of liquefaction and to promote the safe carriage of cargoes.  To assist the Association’s work, INTERCARGO’s Cargo Panel considers various cargo-related matters, including liquefaction, and advises the Technical Committee accordingly. Members who wish to participate in this group should contact the Secretariat.