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Anti-Trust / Competition Law Guidelines

INTERCARGO through its membership and staff is committed to free competition and, therefore, will adhere to all applicable anti-trust/competition laws including but not limited to such laws and regulations enacted in the United States of America and the European Union.

All INTERCARGO meetings including meetings of committees, working groups, regional panels, reference groups, the Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting shall be conducted in accordance with these guidelines.

All publications produced by INTERCARGO shall conform to these guidelines

All advice/information given to members by INTERCARGO staff shall be in conformity with these guidelines.


1.  All agendas and minutes of meetings shall confirm that the meetings have been conducted in accordance with INTERCARGO’s Anti-trust/Competition Law Guidelines;

2.  Neither INTERCARGO nor its members shall engage in any discussions on or agree upon:

  • Fixing of terms, prices, rates
  • Matters relating to particular customers or suppliers
  • Boycott or black list particular customers or suppliers
  • Divide markets or customers
  • Otherwise seek to distort competition

3.  All advice to members on, inter alia, chartering terms including information on model clauses shall be non-binding and for information only.

Any queries concerning these guidelines should be sent to:

Secretary General