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Tripartite 2018

Tripartite is a platform  for Ship owner interests, Shipbuilders and Classification Societies to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest with a focus on new buildings.

This year Tripartite took place in Seoul, South Korea on the 11 and 12 October and was a attended by approximately 70 participants including the INTERCARGO Secretariat.

Please refer to the relevant Press Release for an account of the Tripartite meeting.

The meeting followed the below programme with presentations as indicated:


  • Opening Session/Welcome
  • Update on key issues
  • Session 1 Tripartite Future
    • Vision on the future of the tripartite meetings
  • Session 2 Decarbonisation
    • Industry Strategic response to the IMO Initial GHG Strategy (Presentation) by ICS
    • New Green House Gas Projections to 2050 (Presentation) by BIMCO
  • Session 3 Future ships and Human Element Human Centred Designs
    • Shipowners expectations, Human Centred Design (Presentation) by Intertanko
    • Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum (Presentation) by OCIMF
    • Objectives of Shipbuilders for “Human Centred Designs” (Presentation) by The Shipbuilders Association of Japan
  • Session 4 Round up of day 1


  • Session 5 Progress reports on agreed work items
    • Biofouling update (Presentation) by Intertanko
    • Progress report on work items (Presentation) by Intertanko
    • Equipping society to protect People, Assets and the Environment from the adverse effects of corrosion (Presentation) by NACE
  • Session 6 Pollution Prevention
    • Ballast water (Presentation) by Intertanko
    • Onboard Surveys to BWMS (Presentation) by IACS
    • 2020 Sulphur Cap: design aspects for easy implementation(Presentation) by INTERCARGO
    • IBTS (Presentation) by Intertanko
  • Session 7 Implementation of IMO GHG Strategy
    • Evolving LNG Technology (Presentation) by ASEF
    • ICS GHG Industry Approach (Presentation) by ICS
  • Session 8 Design Safety
    • EEDI (Presentation) by ICS
    • PSPC review (Presentation) by NACE
    • Minimum power by CESA
  • Session 9 Digitalisation
    • Cyber risk management (Presentation) by BIMCO
    • Define and assign roles in management of roles in cyber resilience for new ships (Presentation) by ASEF
    • Autonomous Ships (Presentation) by ASEF
  • Closing Session
    • Outcome from the 2018 sessions, key messages (Presentation/Slides)
    • Initial Feedback on the 2018 Tripartite meeting
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