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2019 Monthly updates of Secretariat activities

– September 2019 to 7 Oct. 2019-

Dear Members of INTERCARGO,


Following our Association’s semi-Annual meetings in Athens last week,

a brief review follows of our Association’s activities since September to date and of what is upcoming:

Membership; last week’s semi-annual meetings; IMO meetings;  

Media Releases; Publications-papers; Members’ Reporting & Surveys;

Regular Circulars; Updates under our Working Programme;

Membership Logos & Certificates; Other updates.

In more detail:


Membership update


New members

In view of our Association’s Annual General Meeting on Oct. 4

all new Membership registrations were postponed.

2019/Q3 Members are listed here, and new Q1 Members here and Q2 Members here.


Our updated Membership stats as of 01.10.2019:

– Full members – 142 Full Members and 79 Associate Members

– Registered ships – #2,247 ships (with a total tonnage of 214 mil. dwt)

(i.e. about 20% basis numbers and about 25% basis dwt of the global dry bulk carrier fleet)


Our Association’s last week’s semi-annual meetings: 3-4 Oct 2019

The semi-annual INTERCARGO meetings took place in Athens on 3-4 October 2019 with the largest participation ever recorded.

  • Dinner Reception: the Chairman’s speech is available here
  • The Executive Committee material can be found here (for Full Members only; login required)
  • The Annual General Meeting material can be found here (for All Members; login required)
  • Updates for all events will be posted on our website as they become available via links you can view here



IMO meetings

IMO Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers – CCC.6(Sep. 9-13) – please see here

– (upcoming) IMO Symposium on IMO 2020 and Alternative Fuels (Oct. 17-18)

– (upcoming) Tripartite Forum 2019 in Tokyo (Oct. 17-18)

See also the INTERCARGO Calendar with all upcoming meetings attached to this webpage here


Media Releases

– “INTERCARGO held its semi-annual meetings in Athens: 2020 still dominates dry bulk shipping’s challenges”” (Oct. 7) – please see here

– “Round Table leaders set their sights on the future” (Sep. 10) – please see here


Publications & papers

– NEW PUBLICATION: Annual Review 2018/2019 – please see here

– INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2019 – please see here

– INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2017-18 report – please see here

– INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2018 – please see here

– for the latest INTERCARGO publications please see here


Members’ Reporting & Surveys – please refer for details here

Terminal Reporting

– Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage

BWTS Survey

– Crew injury frequency and lost time

Online survey ‘IMPORTANT TOPICS in 2019’results – please see here


Regular Circulars

Selected News Headlines (weekly, also posted here)

Dry bulk trade and fleet update (monthly, also posted here)

– the present update of Secretariat activities & upcoming ones (monthly, also posted here).


Updates under our Working Programme in July-August

Cargoes, “Liquefaction” – please see here

Design & Construction, Machinery & Operations – please see here

Incidents & Casualties – please see here

Emissions – please see here

Ports & Terminals – please see here

Piracy – please see here

International Maritime Organization (IMO) – please see here

Misc. issues – please see here


Membership Logos & Certificates

– 2019 Membership logos and Company Certificates: if not received, you may contact the Secretariat at

– Full Members may download their 2019 Vessel Certificates – please see here


Other updates

Please also refer to the respective emailed circulars and consult the articles on our website

The latest updates are posted on the Homepage under IN FOCUS, LATEST ARTICLES, and MEMBER NEWS;

also navigate the MENU (top of page) for TOPICS, NEWS, and other categories of updates.


For any question or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.



Best regards



Kostas G. GKONIS, PhD

Secretary General


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