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IMO Correspondence Groups and Joint Industry Working Groups

INTERCARGO joins and participates in the following working groups:

A. Correspondence Groups (CG) at IMO

  1. CG on Review of Guidelines (G8) (Guidelines for approval of ballast water management systems)
  2. CG on Fuel oil quality
  3. CG on Onboard Lifting Appliances and Winches (2nd round discussion to be completed by 22 Oct)
  4. CG on Evaluation of Properties of BAUXITE and COAL (at member nomination stage, not start working yet)
  5. CG on Amendments to the IGF Code and guidelines for low-flashpoint fuels

B. Industry Correspondence Groups

  1. GBS-SCF – Cross Industry
  2. Cyber security – development of Industry Guidelines on Cyber Security on board Ships
  3. Joint Working Group (JWG) on Energy Efficiency of Ships (JWG/EEDI, led by IACS )
  4. JWG on Anchoring, Towing and Mooring Requirements
  5. Industry Joint Lifeboat Working Group
  6. Ship Recycling

Please contact INTERCARGO office via to get the full text of drafts and updates about the progress and outcome of those groups.

An update on activities of those groups on 7 Oct refers to the pdf file.