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INTERCARGO Chairman’s New Year message 2024

Dear INTERCARGO Members,

As we steer into a New Year in 2024 foremost in our thoughts is safety – the safety of our seafarers, of our ships, and of our world.

The dry bulk sector faces challenges across the globe due to geopolitical conflicts and INTERCARGO joins the international shipping industry in condemning attacks on merchant ships. Our ships and their seafarers must be allowed safe passage as they go about their daily business.

We must never overlook the importance of safety and INTERCARGO will continue to address both dry bulk vessel safety and crew safety throughout the new year.

We are pleased that detention rates and DPI rates both remain lower for INTERCARGO members than for the dry bulk fleet, in general. This demonstrates the strong efforts our members are making to help improve safety at sea and we look forward to continuous improvement over the next 12 months.

Among the many safety initiatives, we are involved with, INTERCARGO is a strong supporter of the Together in Safety programme which has a core objective to protect seafarers’ lives while delivering improved business efficiency and commercial effectiveness. By implementing the Together in Safety programme, our members are demonstrating a total commitment to safety with a focus on championing best industry practices.

INTERCARGO is a firm believer in decarbonisation with safety. In the decarbonisation process, ship owners cannot be regulated in isolation – collaboration and action by all stakeholders in the trade chain is vital. As the shipping industry works towards achieving the unanimously agreed International Maritime Organization’s 2050 goals, dry bulk ship owners are keen to play their part in meeting shipping’s ambitious decarbonisation targets and 2024 will bring more opportunities to share knowledge and work together to protect the marine environment.

With some 3,300 ships of 325 million DWT, our more than 250 INTERCARGO members now represent about one-third of the global dry bulk fleet tonnage, thus strengthening the Association’s global influence. The enlargement and vigour of our organisation allows members to benefit even more by coming together and sharing their experience. Such a strong voice enables us to build on solid foundations as we face challenges together. We look forward to a productive and successful 2024 and wish you, your families, shore staff and seafarers, smooth seas and fair winds!

 Dimitris J. Fafalios