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INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2021

-first posted 20 March 2021-

Submissions to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 103), 5-14 May 2021

  • MSC 103/9/1 –  Comments on document MSC 102/9 – Updates on recent developments related to maritime security (see attached) 
  • MSC 103/10/4 – Comments on document MSC 103/10/2 and review of BMP5 (see attached) 
  • MSC 103/20/17 – Comments on MSC 102/22/6 (see attached) 

Submissions to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 76), 10-17 June 2021

  • MEPC 76/4 (& -Corr.1) – BWM circular on application of the BWM Convention to ships operating at ports with challenging water quality (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/7 – Proposed draft amendments to MARPOL Annex VI (Establishment of IMRB/IMRF) (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/8 – Comprehensive Impact Assessment on States [of IMRB/IMRF proposal] (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/39 – Consideration of market-based measures (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/43 – Comments on document MEPC 76/7/5 (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/45 – Additional comments on proposal to establish an IMRB (see attached)

Submissions to the Sub-Committee on IMO Instruments (III 7), 12-16 July 2021

  • III 7/INF. 33 – Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2011-2020 (see attached)

The submissions are attached for Full Members’ exclusive reference (login required) on a strictly confidential basis and are not to be disseminated or shared with third-parties, UNLESS IF the “Pre-session public release” box is crossed on the top-right corner of the first page of the document.

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