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INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2021

-first posted 20 March 2021-

Submissions to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 103), 5-14 May 2021

  • MSC 103/9/1 –  Comments on document MSC 102/9 – Updates on recent developments related to maritime security (see attached) 
  • MSC 103/10/4 – Comments on document MSC 103/10/2 and review of BMP5 (see attached) 
  • MSC 103/20/17 – Comments on MSC 102/22/6 (see attached) 

Submissions to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 76), 10-17 June 2021

  • MEPC 76/4 (& -Corr.1) – BWM circular on application of the BWM Convention to ships operating at ports with challenging water quality (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/7 – Proposed draft amendments to MARPOL Annex VI (Establishment of IMRB/IMRF) (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/8 – Comprehensive Impact Assessment on States [of IMRB/IMRF proposal] (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/39 – Consideration of market-based measures (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/43 – Comments on document MEPC 76/7/5 (see attached) 
  • MEPC 76/7/45 – Additional comments on proposal to establish an IMRB (see attached)

Submissions to the Sub-Committee on IMO Instruments (III 7), 12-16 July 2021

  • III 7/INF. 33 – Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2011-2020 (see attached)

Submissions to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 104), 4-8 October 2021

  • MSC 104/8/2 – Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships – Revision of the High Risk Area (see attached) 
  • MSC 104/15/9 – Development of non-mandatory guidelines for safety of ships using ammonia as fuel (see attached)

Submissions to the Intersessional Working Group Meeting On Reduction Of GHG Emissions From Ships (ISWG-GHG 10), 18-22 October 2021

  • ISWG-GHG 10/5/2 – A levy-based MBM, per tonne of CO2 emissions, to expedite the uptake and deployment of zero-carbon fuels (see attached) 

Submissions to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 77), 22-26 November 2021

  • MEPC 77/4/7 – Proposal to extend the experience-building phase (EBP) (see attached)
  • MEPC 77/7/1 – Comprehensive analysis of R&D projects to be supported by the IMRB to rapidly increase Technology Readiness Levels and decarbonize international shipping (see attached)
  • MEPC 77/7/6 – Establishment of an International Maritime Research and Development Board and an IMO Maritime Research Fund (see attached)


You may refer to submissions made in 2020 (as some would be discussed by IMO in 2021 due to 2020 meetings’ postponements/rescheduling) here.

The submissions are attached for Full Members’ exclusive reference (login required) on a strictly confidential basis and are not to be disseminated or shared with third-parties, UNLESS IF the “Pre-session public release” box is crossed on the top-right corner of the first page of the document.

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