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“2022 Day of the Seafarer: Share your journey”

23 June 2022

“2022 Day of the Seafarer: Share your journey”

On the Day of the Seafarer 2022, we at INTERCARGO would like to thank those seafarers who have served us selflessly during the pandemic, and those are still caught up amid the disruptions caused by the situation in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with them.

At the same time, with so much bad news currently in the press, it must be remembered that today there are more than 1.6 million seafarers working around the world enjoying varied and fulfilling careers, making the most of training opportunities, learning a trade, and providing for their families.

Of these, the bulk carrier sector accounts for more than 350,000 seafarers annually crewing more than 12,000 vessels. These men and women make up the heart of our community. Their ships are key movers of global trade, powering the global economy and transporting essential cargoes such as food, essential raw materials, and global energy supply. Today they are at sea, but tomorrow they will be the marine engineers, insurance correspondents, maritime lawyers, marine surveyors, citizens and mentors of the future, providing the bedrock of the shipping industry’s support services.

They will bring with them a raft of unique experiences, adding the depth and colour that is a characteristic of the very special industry that we work within.

Many of us in INTERCARGO have been to sea, and we enjoy sharing our many and varied experiences with one another.

We invite you to do the same through social media on the 2022 Day of the Seafarer. Use the hashtag #SeafarerJourney and tag @INTERCARGO in your posts.