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Best Management Practices (BMP)

Update: 1 May 2019

As of 1 May 2019, the coordinates of the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean is changed. This change takes effect on 1 May 2019. The industry associations including INTERCARGO will continue to monitor developments to the security situation and will adjust the HRA again if and when the situation warrants it.

The new coordinates of the High Risk Area are:
In the Southern Red Sea: Northern Limit: Latitude 15 o 00’N
In the Indian Ocean a line linking:
From the territorial waters off coast of east Africa at Latitude 05 o 00’S to 050 o 00’E
Then to positions:
Lat: 00o 00’ N
Long: 055 o 00’ E
Lat: 10o 00’ N
Long: 060 o 00’ E
Lat: 14o 00’ N
Long: 060o 00’ E
Then a bearing 310o to the territorial waters off the Arabian Peninsula.

A High Risk Area (HRA) is an industry defined area within the UKMTO’s VRA (Voluntary Reporting Area) where it is considered that a higher risk of attack exists, and additional security requirements may be necessary. The HRA is outlined on maritime security chart Q6099. It is important the latest information on current threats is used when planning routes through the HRA. Ships should be prepared to deviate from their planned route at short notice to avoid threats highlighted by navigation warnings or by military forces.

Click here to download a copy of BMP5 (version 5 of the joint industry Best Management Practises To Deter Piracy And Enhance Maritime Security In The red Sea, Gulf Of Aden, Indian Ocean And Arabian Sea).

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