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DryBMS – a quality standard for the dry bulk sector (2023)

-first posted on 26 Jan 2021-


November 2023 update

During the course of 2022/2023, INTERCARGO, along with RightShip, has continued to work on the implementation of the DryBMS self-assessment scheme with an emphasis on its governance and administration. Ongoing dialogue be-tween the co-founders has been an essential part of the development process of a management structure which, it is envisaged, will manage the day-to-day operation of DryBMS going forward.

The current work programme involves the establishment of a pilot scheme to test the user interfaces with the approved software and hosting platform and to ensure all protocols are effective and fit for purpose. This part of the project, integral to DryBMS going live is anticipated to take place during Q4 2023.



INTERCARGO and RightShip are founding partners of DryBMS, a quality standard for the dry bulk sector. Safety, environmental  and operational excellence are promoted through company self-assessment.

Both RightShip and INTERCARGO have strongly and consistently advocated the need for significant improvements to dry bulk safety standards. In August 2020 both organisations combined their expertise to create a single framework for the whole industry.

Supported by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and BIMCO, DryBMS now exists as a simple set of best practices and key performance indicators and raises the bar on safety, environmental and operational excellence.

RightShip and INTERCARGO announced on 21 January 2021 the launch of DryBMS, this important new quality standard for the dry bulk sector:

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