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INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2019

Submission to the Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III 6), 01-05 Jul. 2019

  • III 6/INF.8 – Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2009-2018 (see attached)

Submissions to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 101), 05-14 Jun. 2019

  • MSC 101-8-2 – Development of further measures to enhance the safety of ships relating to the use of Fuel Oil, Comments on document MSC 101/8 (see attached)
  • MSC 101/21/10 – Arrangements used in the operational testing of free-fall lifeboat release systems without launching the lifeboat (equipment used in the simulated launching of free-fall lifeboats) (see attached )
  • MSC 101/18/2 – Standardized reporting of global piracy and armed robbery incidents (see attached)
  • MSC 101/4/1 – The Industry Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships, Version 3 (see attached)
  • MSC 101/18/1 – Review of the High Risk Area for piracy in the Indian Ocean (see attached)
  • MSC 101/18/4 – Armed robbery and hijacking incidents in the Gulf of Guinea, comments on MSC 101/18/3 (see attached)

Submissions to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74), 13-17 May 2019

  • MEPC 74/5/4 – Bunker Supplier Licensing Schemes (see attached)
  • MEPC 74/5/20 – Enhanced implementation of regulation 18 of MARPOL Annex VI: proposed plan for data collection and analysis (see attached)
  • MEPC 74/5/21 – Circular related to the enhanced implementation of regulation 18 of MARPOL Annex VI (see attached)

Submissions to the 5th IMO’ Intersessional Working Group on the Reduction of GHG, 7-10 May 2019

  • ISWG-GHG 5-4-9 – Proposal to strengthen the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) (see attached)

Submissions to the Sub-Committee on  Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR 6), 18-22 Feb. 2019

  • PPR 6/8/8 – Possible means of control of fuel oils on the supply side (see attached)
  • PPR 6/8/11 – Comment on document PPR 6/8 relating to verification issues and control mechanisms (see attached)


The submissions are attached for Members’ exclusive reference (login required) on a strictly confidential basis and are not to be disseminated or shared with third-parties.

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