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Message to all Members from John Platsidakis, 2012-2018 Chairman


Dear  Members  of  Intercargo,  Dear  Friends,


A six-year journey of mine has come to its end a few days ago.

On  December  31,  2018  my  term  as  Chairman  of  Intercargo  expired  having  completed  3  times  the  2-year  term,  the maximum  provide  in  our  Constitution.


It  has  been  a  very  interesting  and  challenging  period  having  enhanced  our  organization  from  767  vessels  and  75  full  members  as  of  January  1,  2013  to 2,245 vessels and 142 full  members  as  of  December  31,  2018.


This  performance  was  achieved  by  the  on-going  support  and  active participation  of   yourselves,  our  Secretariat  and  our  Chairmen’s  Committee.


I  thank  all  of  you  heartily as  well  as  Kostas Gkonis our  Secretary  General,  Joe  Zhou  our  Operations  Manager,  Ed  Wroe  our  Technical  Manager  and  Tonya  Dendrinou  our  Office  Manager  as  well  as  Nicky  Pappadakis  and  Jay  Pillai our Vice Chairmen,  and  Dimitris  Fafalios  our  Technical  Committee  Chairman, for their full support and assistance having invested valuable time and effort in this process contributing hugely to the present status of Intercargo.


It has been a very challenging period as the dry bulk shipping had to present its opinions and views at the International Maritime Organization (“IMO”) where new regulations were discussed.


We are proud that our voice was clearly heard at the various fora although  it was not always fully adopted.


We all know that although IMO has the full support of Intercargo, together with other shipping organizations, the political considerations seem to have a priority when it comes to voting practical, implementable and achievable regulations.


I am afraid that we have not seen the worse and there are more regulations to be expected.


It is our duty to remain active and alert and challenge regulations which are not achievable and fair not only to the shipping industry but to the society at large. Needless to say that we fully support practical and meaningful regulations.


Therefore, your membership and participation at Intercargo is hugely valuable and we have to keep on asking more quality owners and operators to join it.


We all welcome Dimitris Fafalios as our new Chairman, Spyros Tarassis as our new Vice Chairman and Jay Pillai as re-elected Vice Chairman. We wish them the best and we, all, will fully support them.


Concluding, I thank you again for your support and appreciate your membership of Intercargo.


My very best wishes to yourselves and your families for a very happy, prosperous and productive New Year.



John Platsidakis


January 7th, 2019