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Selected Headlines on Alternative Fuels & Technologies 2024


BY INTERCARGO – January 2024



K Line unveils fleet expansion move with methanol-ready bulk carriers

K Line has inked a contract with compatriot shipbuilder Nihon Shipyard, a joint venture between Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU) and Imabari Shipbuilding, for the construction of three methanol-ready post-Panamax bulkers. (Off-shore energy: click here)

Brokers: Eastern Pacific brings its ammonia-powered bulker tally at Qindao Beihai to 10

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), a Singaporean shipping company, has placed an order for four 210,000 deadweight tonnage (dwt) bulk carriers featuring ammonia dual fuel propulsion technology. (Off-shore energy: click here)

Foremost Group joins elite group of early movers ordering methanol-fuelled bulkers

New York-headquartered owner books four kamsarmaxes worth about $168m (Tradewinds : click here)



 Bringing renewable e-methane to the market

Gasum and Nordic Ren-Gas have signed an e-methane offtake agreement bringing renewable e-methane to market starting 2026. (Motorship: click here)

ONE to build 12 methanol dual fuel container ships

Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. (ONE) has signed Ship Building Contracts with Jiangnan Shipyard and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding for a total construction of twelve 13,000 TEU methanol dual-fuel container ships. (Vessel Performance: click here)

Shanghai and Evergreen team up on methanol

Shanghai International Port Group and Evergreen Marine have teamed up to supply green methanol to ships in port. (Motorship: click here)

DNV: methanol edges out LNG as top alternative fuel for vessels ordered in 2023

The latest stats from DNV’s Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform found that a total of 298 ships with alternative fuel propulsion were ordered in 2023—an 8% increase year on year. (Green car congress: click here)

CSET orders methanol-fuelled tanker newbuilding series

COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation (CSET) announced that it had placed an order for a series of six methanol-fuelled tanker vessels with COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry on 29 December. (Motorship: click here)



China’s first ammonia/diesel dual-fuel tug enters construction phase

Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry has kicked off construction of China’s first ammonia/diesel dual-fuel-powered 5500HP azimuth-stern drive (ASD) tug. (Off-shore energy: click here)

MAN lands double AiP for ammonia fuel supply system

The fuel supply system for marine engines has been awarded approval in principal from class societies DNV and Bureau Veritas. (Riviera news: click here)

Japan to launch first ammonia-fueled ammonia gas carrier in 2026

Four Japanese companies — Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), Japan Engine Corporation, IHI Power Systems, and Nihon Shipyard — have signed a series of contracts to build the world’s first ammonia-fueled medium gas carrier (AFMGC). (Off-shore energy: click here)

Trafigura aims for six zero-emission ships by 2030

Global commodity trading giant Trafigura has set an ambitious target of having at least six zero-emission green ammonia-fuelled vessels in its fleet by 2030 to achieve a 25% reduction in the GHG intensity of its shipping operations. (Off-shore energy: click here)

First successful demonstration of onboard ammonia-H2 cracking

The successful operation of an ammonia to hydrogen cracker was successfully demonstrated on 18 November on an offshore supply vessel operated by Zumaia Offshore. (Motorship: click here)

IACS adopts new Unified Requirement (URH1) on control of ammonia releases on ammonia fuelled vessels

IACS has developed a Unified Requirement (URH1) covering the release of ammonia from the onboard systems for bunkering, storing, preparing and using ammonia as fuel. (Ship Management: click here)

Oxford researchers say green ammonia could decarbonise 60% of shipping sector

With production costs similar to very low sulphur fuels (VLSFOs), green ammonia could be a viable decarbonisation option with availability at just 10 ports. (Riviera news: click here)



 Japan’s Idemitsu planning to turn Yamaguchi refinery into clean energy hub

Japan’s second-biggest oil refiner, Idemitsu Kosan is planning to convert its 120,000 barrels a day (b/d) Yamaguchi refinery in western Japan into a hub for carbon-free energy by the 2030s, according to Reuters. (Ship Energy: click here)

Comparative lifecycle study of different modes of hydrogen production

Researchers from LUT University in Finland have compared the climate change impacts and the main factors affecting them for different categories of hydrogen production, including grey hydrogen (SMR), blue hydrogen (SMR-CCS), turquoise hydrogen (TDM), and green hydrogen (PEM electrolysis). (Green car congress: click here)

Yanmar developing hydrogen-fueled 4-stroke engine for zero-emission vessels

Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd. (YPT), a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., has begun development of a hydrogen-fueled 4-stroke high-speed engine for power generation for coastal vessels in Japan as part of the Nippon Foundation’s zero-emission ship demonstration experiment. (Green car congress: click here)

Iberian Atlantic ports to explore H2 and methanol

A number of Atlantic ports on the Iberian peninsular are to play host to a variety of pilot schemes exploring the use of hydrogen and methanol for shipping and port vehicles. (Motorship: click here)

Plug Power starts production of liquid green hydrogen at Georgia plant

This is the largest electrolytic liquid hydrogen production plant, and largest PEM electrolyzer deployment operating in the US, representing a landmark achievement in Plug’s build-out of a vertically integrated hydrogen ecosystem. (Green car congress: click here)



Biofuels as Marine Fuels under the IMO’s and EU’S Regulatory Framework

ABS Regulatory News provides background information and guidance for the use of biofuels for Class, EU and IMO requirements. (ABS: click here)

Trafigura looks to biofuel bunkering to comply with FuelEU

Swiss trading house reduced greenhouse gas intensity by 19% in 2023 with energy-saving measures such as weather routing. (Lloyds List: click here)

Dutch biofuel bunker demand unfazed by lower subsidies

The Dutch government slashed biofuel bunker subsidies for 2024, but Dutch ports remain the most competitive bunkering hubs for buying bio-blended fuels. (Lloyds List: click here)

Biofuel sales up 200% in Singapore

Bunker sales of biofuels in the Port of Singapore more than tripled in 2023. (Port Strategy: click here)



Neste and partner companies conclude E-Fuel research project; progress in the development of electrofuels

A joint E-Fuel research project demonstrating high temperature electrolysis (SOEC), carbon capture, and hydrocarbon synthesis technologies (earlier post) has now come to its successful end. (Green car congress: click here)



New tech developed to monitor vessel black carbon emissions

Green Instruments A/S, the Danish Technological Institute, and other maritime stakeholders have joined forces to develop real-time flue gas sensor technology to measure black carbon emissions from ships. (Ship Energy: click here)

The Case for Nuclear Cargo Ships

They failed decades ago, but small modular reactors could make all the difference. (IEEE Spectrum: click here)

Canadian project to develop marine-based nuclear reactors moves ahead

Canada’s Prodigy Clean Energy is teaming up with Westinghouse Electric Company to develop nuclear power plants that can be used both at sea and on land. (Splash247: click here)



China sets out strategy to dominate green shipbuilding

Chinese government-led race to lead the green shipbuilding boom aligns with Beijing’s strategic support of sectors. (Lloyds List: click here)

Rio Tinto to drive development of Australia’s largest solar farm at Gladstone

Rio Tinto will drive development of Australia’s largest solar power project near Gladstone, after agreeing to buy all electricity from the 1.1GW Upper Calliope Solar Farm to provide renewable power to Rio Tinto’s Gladstone operations. (Green car congress: click here)

Clarksons: 45% of newbuilds ordered in 2023 alternative fuel capable

Shipbroker Clarksons reports 45% of newbuildings ordered last year are capable of running on alternative fuels. (Riviera news: click here)

Poseidon Principles: Annual Disclosure Report 2023

The Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance, an initiative backed by the Global Maritime Forum to drive decarbonisation of international shipping through transparency, has issued its second annual disclosure report. (Poseidon Principles: click here)

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