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‘Together in Safety’ Shipping Safety Report

Working together to improve shipping’s safety performance

INTERCARGO, as a member of Together in Safety, a coalition of more than 20 leading shipping organisations focused on improving safety in the sector, is pleased to share the Shipping Safety Report, published by Together in Safety.

The report includes case studies and examples of best practice, which demonstrate the value and benefits of shared safety learnings and resources.

The shipping industry has made significant steps forward in improving its safety performance. Yet, with several important topics, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic and Decarbonisation, stretching the focus within the shipping industry, it remains vital that the industry does not lose sight of the need for continued strong leadership on safety.

We encourage all of our members and partners to download the report at


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For background information / past updates on this initiative supported by our Association,  you may refer to Together in Safety Seminar.