Please also refer to the relevant Press Release for an account of the Tripartite meeting.


Session 1 Welcome/Opening Speeches

  • Opening Speech by Mr Arun Sharma, Chairman of IACS…here
  • Opening Speech by Mr Spyros Tarasis, deputy Chairman of INTERCARGO…here
  • Opening Speech by Mr Benoit Loicq of SEA Europe…here
  • Opening Speech by Mr Noriaki Usui of ASEF…here

Session 2 – GHG Strategy

  • The 4th Propulsion Revolution by Mr Guy Platten of ICShere
  • Shipyards and Equipment Manufacturers’ Perspective by Mr Sander Den Heijer of SEA Europehere
  • MSC MEPC Co-operation by Mr Ed Wroe of INTERCARGOhere
  • Data Collection – Measurement of Progress and Methodologies by Mr Lu Li of IACShere
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Maritime Transport of Liquefied Hydrogen by Mr Ahmer Saeed of HySTRAhere
  • Windfarms: Shipbuilders’ thoughts on effective measures for dealing with the ambitious IMO GHG Strategy by Mr Dave Iwamoto of CESShere

Session 3 – Digitalisation

  • Cyber Security by Mr Lars Robert Pedersen of BIMCOhere
  • Autonomous and Connected Ships and Shipping by Mr Benoit Loicq of SEA Europehere
  • An update on consolidation of cyber recommendations and other planned activities by Mr George Reilly of IACShere

Session 4 – Implementation of GHG Strategy

  • Performance Monitoring by Mr Gil-Yong Han of INTERTANKOhere
  • Modern Design Simulation and Optimisation Techniques by Mr Simon Schofield of BAR Technologieshere
  • Findings on the EEDI assessment framework for wind propulsion systems by Mr Guisheng Peng of DSIC…here


Session 6 – Pollution Prevention

 Ballast Water

  • EBP – results from INTERCARGO Survey by Mr Ed Wroe of INTERCARGO…here
  • EBP by Mr Elfian Harun of INTERTANKO…here
  • Lessons learnt from the Experience Building Phase by Mark Riggio of BEMA…here
  • Operational and functional experience with the BWMS by Mr Sahan Abeysekara of IACS…here

 Sulphur Cap

  • SOx Scrubbers by Mr Jeong Hoon Kang of HHI…here
  • IMO 2020 Oil Market reactions and Bunker Specifications by Mr Kawaguchi of Cosmo Oil…here


  • Biofouling: Minimising niche areas on new build designs by Mr Elfian Haran of INTERTANKO…here

Noise From Ships

  • Noise From Ships by Mr Jonathan Spremulli of ICS…here

Session 7 – GHG Compliance

  • EEDI Phase III for VLCC. What is possible? by Mr Dragos Rauta of INTERTANKO…here
  • Short Term Measures by Mr John Bradshaw of ICS…here
  • EEDI by Mr Benoit Loicq of SEA

Session 8 – Design Safety

  • Containership Fire Safety by Mr Satoshi Sasaki of IACS…here
  • Fires on Container Vessels – avoidable? by Mr Lars Lange of IUMI…here
  • Fire risks due to leakage from low pressure fuel pipes by Mr Satoshi Sasaki of IACS…here
  • Conversions/Casualties by Mr Ed Wroe of INTERCARGO…here
  • Standard Dry-Docking Checklist and Risk Assessment by Mr Dragos Rauta of INTERTANKO…here
  • PSPC by Mr Buddy Reams of NACE…here