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Experience sharing – Bulk Cargo not listed in IMSBC Code

One bulk carrier was expected to carry a cargo of “COPPER CONCENTRATE, GROUP A, UN 3077”. The cargo is:

  • Cargo Group: Group A – para 7.2.1 of IMSBC Code indicates that “Group A cargoes contain a certain proportion of small particles and a certain amount of moisture. Group A cargoes may liquefy during a voyage even when they are cohesive and trimmed level”.
  • Dangerous good class: IMDG Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles and environmentally hazardous substances
  • UN Number: 3077

The owner of the ship understood that:

  • It is not listed in IMSBC code and need to follow the procedure specified in 1.3 of IMSBC code.
  • Compliance is required with discharge requirements under MARPOL Annex V if it is declared as HME cargo by the shipper, and/or protection of ship and crew during carriage under IMSBC Code and IMDG Code.
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