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Common Structural Rules (CSR)

CSR Harmonisation

The Common Structural Rules were originally developed separately for Tanker and Bulk Carriers. IACS is now undertaking a major project to harmonise the rules, including key elements such as wave loads, finite element analysis and buckling in order to align the methodology used for both ship types. The final harmonised rules will consist of three parts – a common part and two separate parts for ship type specific requirements.

The harmonisation will be subject to two external review stages:

1st Stage – An External Advisory Group (EAG) will participate in review meetings with IACS throughout the final development phase, to be informed about the progress and interim results. The review meetings will be held in time for the IACS Project Teams to consider and act on its advice before finalizing the draft requirements. The EAG consists of representatives from industry bodies including INTERCARGO – represented by our Technical Manager. This stage will be completed in 2011.

2nd Stage – The draft Rules will be made available for general review on the IACS website and in technical presentations. IACS will provide a feedback mechanism for additional comments from the industry and other stakeholders by correspondence within a deadline. This stage will be completed in 2012.

In 2013 the individual IACS member societies will follow their own technical committee reviews in time for submission (by the end of 2013) to the IMO for verification against the Goal Based Standards.

Latest Rule Change Proposals

At CASTEC 21(Oct 2009) it was decided to be more active in the rule development process.  In addition to raising concerns at the annual meeting between Industry and IACS Council on 9th December in London, we also submitted comments on the latest rule change proposal (2009 RCP) and a substantial paper concerning double bottom structures in relation to minimum height criteria. We also made supplementary comments in the second round of the IACS process.

IACS Council approved the final Rule Change Proposals on 12 April 2010. The implementation date is 1 July 2010. INTERCARGO is please to note that changes were made to the original proposals to reflect the views of ship owners, with particular regard to withdrawing RCP 2-8 on double bottom height and RCP 2-16 on side shell frames. The INTERCARGO comments on the first draft RCP, the paper on double bottom height and the final approved changes can be found below.

In addition the full revision history file, containing a complete set of all Rule Changes and Corrigenda, on the IACS website has been updated with these latest documents.