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Digitalisation – Elements for Consideration by Bulk Carrier Shipowners

Why digitalisation is a priority

  • Decarbonisation is a strong driving force behind the digitalisation of the shipping industry. It seems that few would disagree that digitalisation could be one of the most significant moves to increase efficiency (combating air emission from ships) and improve safety. We would also guess that many are faced with uncertainties of general direction of shipping and other key stakeholder industries, and curiosities about what their competitors rely on to make their digitalisation strategy and action plan.
  • Developments at IMO include the drafting of automation requirements, issuance of circulars on digitalisation of certificates, implementation “Maritime Single Window” by ports and terminals. IMO was also informed that marine charts would go fully digital.
  • Ship design & research, and shipbuilding are developing their new digital ecosystem to upgrade every necessary process through the application of new technologies and enhancement of information sharing and full participation of stakeholders in the design and building practices.
  • Equipment manufacturers are benchmarking themselves with the most advanced efficiency and safety improvement initiatives towards informatization, digitalization, intelligence and autonomy.
  • PSC inspections and class surveys are adapting to take advantage of digital transformation.

New development, such as, autonomous navigation would not only have an impact on BRM and ERM, and upgrading of skills of the teams. Surrounded by all those developments, more and more bulk carrier shipowners are expected to make full use of digitalisation, to manage and improve ship’s supervision systems and efficiency and safety.

In general, digitalisation goes hand in hand with cyber security. For specific details of cyber security, refer to the webpage at link.

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