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Fishery Farm Claims in China

1. Fishery farm claims, 2017

The local Ocean and Fishery Administration is authorized to approve use of the sea area, while the safety of navigation is governed by local Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), so that some of the approved fishery farms are so close to the channels as to endanger navigation safety. In addition, the laws for fishery culture activities and for navigation safety are in conflict. For example, under Chinese law, it is arguable who should be the rightful subject to apply for issuance of notice to mariners.

In 2017, there were 71 claims in China, with 48 of them happened in Lanshan area. Most incidents were reported to involve merchant vessels inadvertently entering fish farms off the coast of Lanshan in Shandong Province. Some of the affected fisheries are relatively new and do not have any obvious markings. Local MSA offices have published warnings and notices for some fisheries on their websites, but it is understood that many are not marked on Chinese charts.

2. Fishery Farm claims, 2018

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