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Indonesia Bauxite and Nickel Ore Ban

Following recent press reports concerning the lifting of the Indonesian Nickel Ore and Bauxite export ban, the INTERCARGO Secretariat issued the following circular to Members:


Dear Members,

Many of you may have noted the article in Tradewinds “Indonesia eases bauxite and nickel export ban” dated 16th January 2017 which stated that the Indonesian Government is to allow the resumption of exports of  Bauxite and Nickel Ore under certain conditions.

However, we have heard from other sources that the lifting of the export ban is not yet certain and will be subject to ongoing discussions between the various Indonesian Government Departments and other interests.

We would urge Members exercise extreme caution should Indonesian ore exports re-enter the market; as the ban has been in place for some time it is most likely that many stockpiles will be subject to saturation and therefore the possibility of being offered cargoes with an unduly high moisture content may be anticipated. Furthermore,  it is important to note that it has been reported specified shippers   will be permitted to export washed bauxite, this form of processing of cargo was associated with a number of problems in the past and any such cargoes should  carefully  assessed prior to acceptance.

The INTERCARGO Secretariat is following the developments closely and will provide further information when and if available.