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Holds and Hatch Covers Booklet by London P&I Club

Earlier this year the London P&I Club (A Bilbrough & Co Ltd) produced an excellent booklet Hold and Hatch Covers;

The booklet provides information on some of the main causes of injury, loss and damage related to vessel holds and hatch covers and also provides guidance on the operation and maintenance of these important items.

Topics covered within the booklet include:

  • Development of Hatch Covers
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Preventing Accidents To Personnel
  • Examples Of Cargo Damage And Problems
  • Testing and Inspection For Cargoworthiness And Seaworthiness
  • Hatch Cover Tightness And Testing Methods
  • Maintenance And Repair
  • Dos and Don’ts

The Booklet is available below to download.

INTERCARGO is grateful to the London P&I Club for allowing us to share the guidance.