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No distraction from Liquefaction – NK publication

The NK’s Liquefaction project aims to provide a better understanding of cargo liquefaction, and develop recommendations for ship operations and design that avert or mitigate future casualties.

The project looks at the liquefaction problem in a holistic approach considering cargo properties, sea conditions and ship design and addresses both operational and design vessel perspectives. This approach is based on extensive experience/research exampled as laboratory tests and numerical simulations to identify the ship motions and accelerations of the vessel and to predict the behaviour of cargoes which may liquefy – “Group A” in the IMSBC code – in an effort to gain more insight into the liquefaction phenomenon. While research is still ongoing, the results of this project are expected to be employed in the dynamic stability assessment of bulk carriers and general cargo ships under sea conditions similar to those recorded in past incidents.

Refer to the enclosed publication, June 2015 – 72nd Edition, with appreciations to ClassNK.