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Ship to ship transfer cargo operations

It is recognised that ship to ship (STS) transfer cargo operations are not popular with bulk carriers. Occasionally there were reports but mainly on claim of damages to the ship hull – of ship safety nature. With the implementation of mandatory requirements of MARPOL Annex V – garbage management, it could be of compliance concerns with environmental requirements.

Of the commercial aspect, it is understood that there are a BIMCO new ship-to-ship transfer clause for dry bulk cargo issued in Jan 2015 and some ‘double banking’ clause with ship chartering document.

Responding to a request of 14 Feb 2017 for feewe will keep this project open and feedback/comments invited. Re-assessment and decide in future the necessary course of action when more issues arise concerning safety of people and ship working on STS adback from INTERCARGO members, following items are highlighted:

With many thanks to those members providing comments and guidance, please refer to the following short summary of the feedback: