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Summary of ship-terminal reporting in 2017

In 2017: –

  • Totally 282 ship-terminal interface related reports were added to the INTERCARGO database, with most of them coming directly from the masters of members’ fleet, with appreciation.
  • There are entries of 318 ports in 71 countries/regions in the database, as attached “Update on ship-terminal reporting, v.10.1, IC17144, 19Dec 2017”.

The database also records following aspects of negative experiences:

  • Inadequate port reception facilities
  • Anchorage,
  • Cargo shortage,
  • Ports and corruption behaviour of authority officials
  • Crew shore leave,
  • Depth of berth,
  • Length of berth,
  • Loading/unloading,
  • Mooring.

In addition to the port by port entries, the attached excel database contains a sheet named “special cases” – it is believed that members would find it useful to assist voyage planning in some countries and regions.