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2020 Monthly updates of Secretariat activities

– July 2020-

Dear Members of INTERCARGO,


Wishing you all a good month of July ahead of us,

a brief review follows of our Association’s activities last month and of what is upcoming:

Membership; our Association’s next semi-annual meetings; Calendar of events;  

Coronavirus pandemic / Media Releases;

Publications-papers; Other important updates & updates under our Working Programme;

Regular Circulars; Members’ Reporting & Surveys; Membership Logos & Certificates; Other updates.

In more detail:


Membership update

Our Membership stats as of 01.07.2020 – you may also view here:

– Full members – 142 Full Members from 30 countries and 80 Associate Members

– Registered ships – #2,342 ships (with a total tonnage of 220 mil. dwt)

(i.e. about 21% basis numbers and about 26% basis dwt of the global dry bulk carrier fleet)

New 2020 Members are listed here.


our Association’s next semi-annual meetings

save the date: our Association’s “autumn” semi-annual meetings are planned to take place in London on 8-9 October 2020 – please see here.

– Registrations will open shortly at above link

– you are kindly invited to indicate your intentions by registering within July for our timely planning,

while of course we appreciate ongoing travelling uncertainties and we all hope for a return to (a new) normality soon.


Calendar of events

– (upcoming) IMO Informal Preliminary Discussion Session on GHG Short-Term Measures – please see here.

– Please refer to the INTERCARGO calendar with interesting links therein (latest update as of July 01, also attached to this webpage)


Coronavirus pandemic / Media Releases

Our Association, in close cooperation with our industry partners, has continued engaging in a number of initiatives in response to the COVID-19 impact on seafarers and our sector.

  • Regular industry COVID-19 Co-ordination and Task Force meetings since April (as cited in the attached calendar)
  • You may refer to our relevant updates here
  • You may refer to IMO updates here
  • INTERCARGO’s relevant Media Releases:
    • Day of the Seafarer: “Slow Response from Governments Pushing Seafarers to their Limits” (June 24) – please see here
    • Urgent video message: “Crew Change – time is running out” (June 12) – please see here
    • Crew Change for ‘Key Workers’ at Sea Must be Top of the Industry’s Agenda” (April 28) – please see here
    • Coronavirus poses major challenges for seafarers on merchant ships from increasing restrictions imposed by port states” (March 17) – please see here


Publications & papers

2020 BWMS Operational Survey Report – please see here

– INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2020 – please see here

INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers report 2018-19  – please see here

INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2019 please see here

INTERCARGO – The First 40 Years – please see here

INTERCARGO Annual Review 2018/2019 – please see here

– for all publications please see here


Other important updates & updates under our Working Programme

– Consultation on a dry bulk sector quality self-assessment scheme – please see here

Design & Construction, Machinery & Operations (Hatch cover) – please see here

Incidents & Casualties – please see here

Emissions (GHG) – please see here

Piracy – please see here

Ports & Terminals – please see here

Training, Manpower & Human Element – please see here

IMO – please see here

Other legislation – please see here

Misc. Issues – please see here


Regular Circulars / web-updates

Selected News Headlines (weekly, also posted here)

INTERCARGO in the News (please see here)

Dry bulk trade and fleet update (monthly, also posted here)

– the present update of Secretariat activities & upcoming ones (monthly,  posted here).


Members’ Surveys & Reporting

For our ongoing Surveys & Reporting, including the below, please refer for details here

Terminal Reporting

– Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage

BWTS Survey

Global Sulphur Cap Survey

– Crew injury frequency and lost time

IMPORTANT TOPICS IN 2020 Full Members’ survey results – please see here


Membership Logos & Certificates

– 2020 Membership logos, Company and Vessel Certificates: if not received, please contact the Secretariat at


Other updates

Please also refer to the respective emailed circulars and consult the articles on our website

The latest updates are posted on the Homepage under:


LATEST ARTICLES (Noticeboard, Association News, Media Releases)

– and MEMBER NEWS (includes access to industry events);

also navigate the MENU (top of page) for TOPICS, NEWS, and other categories of updates.


For any question or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes to all of you, your families, and our Seafarers for staying healthy and safe,



Kostas G. GKONIS, PhD

Secretary General


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