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2022 Monthly updates of Secretariat activities

January 2022

– January 2022-

Dear Members of INTERCARGO,


Wishing you all a healthy & prosperous 2022,

a brief review follows of our Association’s latest activities and of what is upcoming:

Membership updates;

Public communications / Media releases;

Calendar of events / meetings;

Web-posted updates under INTERCARGO’s Working Programme;


Members’ Surveys & Reporting;

Regular circulars / web-updates; Other updates.


In more detail:


Membership updates

INTERCARGO wholeheartedly thanks all Members for their continued support

and Full members for further strengthening our Association via the registration of additional ships;

kindly refer to Chairman’s circular of Dec. 16 (“1216-F – INTERCARGO Chairman’s message to Full members”).


Membership 2022 renewals are currently ongoing and each member company must have received an invoice with the applicable fees.

If the invoice has not been received, kindly enquire promptly at

Please also consider updating if needed our Secretariat with your company details, representatives etc (you may ask for the update form at


Membership logos, Company and Vessel Certificates:
the 2022 versions are provided upon annual membership payment; Vessel Certificates are currently under production and will be posted here,

while the Secretariat had the pleasure of already handing the first 2022 ship certificate – please see here – and would mostly welcome more such opportunities.


Best wishes to all INTERCARGO members’ seafarers, personnel, and their families for calm seas and fair winds and a prosperous 2022!


Public communications / Media releases / (in December)

– “Season’s Greetings from INTERCARGO” (Dec. 22) – please see here

–  (Joint media release) “Industry group reveals initial results from research into maritime deaths in enclosed spaces” (Dec. 8) – please see here


You may follow INTERCARGO’s communications on LinkedIn at


Calendar of events / meetings  

Please refer to the INTERCARGO calendar (latest update as of Jan 4th, attached to this webpage)

– (upcoming) CARGO PANEL NEW YEAR MEETING (January 12)



Web-posted updates under INTERCARGO’s Working Programme

– Technical Update – please see here

– Emissions – please see here

– COVID-19 & crew changes – please see here

– IMO – please see here


Publications, reports & papers

– latest INTERCARGO publications – please see here

–  INTERCARGO Annual Review 2020/2021 – please see here

“2021 Dry Bulk Shipping video: Sustainably serving the world’s essential needs” – please see here

INTERCARGO Submissions to IMO in 2021 – please see here

INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2011-2020 – please see here

INTERCARGO Benchmarking Bulk Carriers report 2019-2020  – please see here

– The Guidelines on Cyber Security onboard Ships – please see here

– A Guide to Bulk Carrier Operations – please see here


For all publications please see here


Members’ Surveys & Reporting

For our Surveys & Reporting, including the below, please refer for details here

– Terminal Reporting

– Safe Loading/Unloading at Anchorage

– Crew injury frequency and lost time

– Fuel Quality Survey

– Other experience sharing


Regular circulars / web-updates

– INTERCARGO in the News (please see here)

– Selected News Headlines (weekly, also posted here)

– Dry bulk trade and fleet update (monthly, also posted here)

– the present update of Secretariat activities & upcoming ones (monthly).


Other updates

Please also refer to the respective emailed circulars

and consult the articles on our website, where the latest updates are posted on the Homepage under:


– LATEST ARTICLES (Noticeboard, Association News, Media Releases)

– and MEMBER NEWS (includes access to industry events);

also navigate the MENU (top of page) for TOPICS, NEWS, and other categories of updates.


For any question or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me and the Secretariat at


Best wishes for a healthy, happy & successful 2022!






Kostas Gkonis

Secretary General




For the 2021 monthly updates, please see here